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Muli Cycles Muskel

The smart cargo bike

The Muli Muscle is more than just a cargo bike. It impresses with its unique concept and compactness. In just 10 sec. it transforms from cargo bike to child transporter with suspension seat.

With a length of only 195 cm, it is just as long as a normal bicycle and just as easy to ride. A special highlight is the large, 100-liter cargo basket, which can be folded to a width of only 28 cm. Due to its compactness and low weight, the muscle can be ridden comfortably even without electric assistance.

The mule is easy to transport. It fits on all common rear bike trailers, in elevators at train stations and in the suspension devices for bicycles at the German railroad.

50 € / Day300 € / Week
9 GearsDerailleur gears
unisex model
The bike also comes with a lock, helmets are available on request. Pick up and return at our store, within the opening hours. Monday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm