Uni MK von Urbandrivestyle

Uni Moke E-Cruiser

Relaxed cruising through Munich

The Uni Moke from Urbandrivestyle is a very special e-bike and perfect for relaxed cycling in the city. It not only looks extraordinary and immediately inspires everyone, it is also unique in its use. With the extra seat extension, a 2nd person may be legally taken along on tour. So that children and teenagers can take a seat comfortably and safely, we have mounted extra footrests. And you can buy the Uni Moke natürlichlcih also with us.

50 € / Day300 € / Week
9 GearsDerailleur gears
unisex model
The bike also comes with a lock, helmets are available on request. Pick up and return at our store, within the opening hours. Monday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm

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