e-bike berleen

E-Bike Berleen from Kalkhoff

Lightly used

The Berleen from Kalkhoff is a lightweight and sporty e-bike for the city. The battery, which is perfectly integrated into the down tube, is sufficient to support up to approx. 60 km and creates the prerequisite for a graceful and sporty e-bike frame. The weight of the Berleen is 21.4 kg.

The compact and extremely efficient Groove Go rear wheel motor with an output of 250 watts provides enough extra power and agile handling. The battery is easy to replace and easy to charge in the office or home. The battery capacity is 252 Wh. Four support leves are available when riding.

1500 €
8 GearsDerailleur gears
Men and ladies model
s and mSize
Pick up at our store, within the opening hours. Monday to Sunday: 10am - 6pm. Or we will ship the bike. Call for this: +49 (0) 30 715 330 20.