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Muli Muskel

The smart cargo bike


The Muli is one of the smartest compact cargo bikes on the market. Steel frame, folding basket, minimalist attachments - that's all the Muli needs. We have the purist version of the muli muscle with 8- and 11-speed hub gears in black and red, as well as the Muli St with Shimano E-drive in stock to take along. And all this still at the old price of this year. So grab fast as long as we still have a few pieces in stock.

The Muli muscle is light, fast and agile. And with its retractable basket, it's no wider or longer than a standard bike. This makes the Muli muscle one of the few cargo bikes that you can also take along on local public transport or trains. Just as easily it fits on the bicycle trailer on the car and you can easily pack it into the apartment.

The Muli St is about 5 kg heavier due to the battery and the motor, but you always have enough power under the seat to easily master even larger climbs with the kids in front. At € 5,000, the muli ST offers a top performance ratio.


from 2.725,- €
8 GearsHub gears
unisex model
one sizeSize
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