Fun and relaxation for the whole team

A cycling trip with colleagues is a good opportunity to explore their own city again, learn something or just discover something forgotten. Grab a bike and explore the city with us Berlin has a variety of parks and quiet streets which allow a relaxed cycling. Those who are more likely to travel by train or by car will be amazed at how relaxed and quiet you can go by bike through the city.

Here are some ideas:

– Perfect bike tour to relax between 2 appointments. > more info
– Exciting time travel – how has Berlin-Mitte changed since the fall of the Wall. > more info
– Always like to visit are the top 10 tourist attractions in Berlin. > more info

Participants 6 persons or more
Price from 120,00 €
Duration/Distance upon request
Starting point upon request
Bikes we try to organize your desire bicycles
Languages german and english. Tours are also possible in french, spanish and italian upon request

Complete program or just fun


All sorts of attractions on your own doorstep

We know it almost all, but who has experienced first hand the last time. We are talking about the countless sights of Berlin. And there are plenty of interesting history and stories. Berlin has a lot to offer and we look forward to take you on an interesting bike rally. And since many of the colleagues are probably not from Berlin, it is for them especially exciting to explore the city by bike.

The Berliner is a neighborhood man – discover something new with the bike

The Berliner lives in his neighborhood and doesn´t like to move into another district. Berlin is too big and you have everything you need around the corner. And that’s exactly why we show you on our bike tour the many beautiful corners that make every neighborhood so special. We discover new places and give tips for maybe the next family trip.

Berlin is pure history

Only a few cities have such a lively and varied history as Berlin. Prussia, Weimar Republic, divided and occupied city, the center of the Cold War, fall of the Berlin Wall, reunion, capital. The list of events is long and at every epoch we tell exciting background information. Our guides live here for decades or have grown up here. And everyone knows the city well and is happy to tell you about his city. Before the tour we discuss your wishes and interests for your perfect tour through Berlin.

Cycling is boring and tiring

It all depends on with whom and what you are traveling. Our guides provide entertainment and the bike-rental Berlin team of URBAN BIKE TOURS for the right bike. You have the choice between comfortable City Cruiser with 3 gears, stylish wood bike, sporty mountain or trekking bike or you test our new e-bikes. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Get to know the new way of cycling

Once you drove, you never wanted anything else. Cycling is a real joy with the new e-pedelecs Starting off is easy and strenuous cycling belongs to the past. If you have used your bike only for short distances, a new age begins for you Without much power and sweat you lay back the longest distances in the city and come refreshed and rested at your destination. No traffic jams, no full subways just recreation. Get to know the new way of cycling with us.

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