Heinz and JR from Urban Bike Tours ride through Görlitzer Park on 2 wooden bikes from cocomat.bike


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2 Mountainbiker im Mauerpark
25. Apr 2023
from Heinz

Was gibt es Neues 2023

Höchste Zeit euch über ein paar Neuigkeiten in 2023 zu informieren. Ostern ist vorbei, die Saison ist gestartet und so langsam bessert sich auch das …

Guide Heinz von Urbandrivestyle mit E-UDX Bike
20. Jan 2023
from Heinz


Für die neue Saison 2023 suchen wir wieder freundliche und engagierte Mitarbeiterinnen als Bike Mechanikerinnen mit E-Bike Erfahrung. Egal ob Teil- oder Vollzeit, alt oder …

20. Jul 2021
from Heinz

We love biking and sailing

On 31 July 2021 we start a one-week (until 7.8.2021) sailing trip from bay to bay through the island world of Dalmatia. This is a nice mixture ...

Heinz and Michael ride through Tiergarden
24 Oct 2020
from Heinz

Enjoy the autumn on a bike tour around Lake Tegel

Tomorrow on Sunday 25.10.2020 we use again the great October sun and make us on the way to a sporty bike ride in the Berlin countryside. ...

Nov 10, 2019
from Heinz

30th anniversary of the fall of the wall - anniversary bike tours along the wall

It is now exactly 30 years since the borders of the GDR opened and Berlin was reunited. A historic moment that was celebrated on the 30th anniversary of the ...

woody bike frau park
11 Apr 2018
from Heinz

Bike tours through Berlin - the spring is here!

Finally, the time has come, spring is just around the corner. After we went the last few months still really thickly wrapped on bike tour, it should ...

weihnachten cartoon foto leute fahrrad park
29 Jan 2018
from Heinz

URBAN BIKE TOURS says Thank 2017!

URBAN BIKE TOURS says thank you for all the wonderful bike tours we did with you in Berlin in 2017. Before we start fresh into the new year, we ...

2 guides from Urban Bike Tours with their woodybikes at Tempelhofer Feld
06 Apr 2017
from Heinz

Urban Gardening in the Prinzessinnengärten in Kreuzberg

The Prinzessinnengärten are located on a wasteland at Moritzplatz in Kreuzberg. Since 2009, Kreuzbergers and other hippies have been meeting here to garden and socialize. ...