Green oases in the middle of the city

Urban Gardening – what began as a trend of hipsters and hippies has blossomed into a real movement. Bringing nature to the city and working together with other people to cultivate vegetables and herbs was one of the basic ideas to settle gardens in the city. The pallet ranges from community gardens, roof gardens and allotments across guerrilla gardens to planted side strips or tree slices. And as so often, Berlin is also the capital of Urban Gardening. Alternative lifestyles and urban oases have a long tradition in Berlin. Since the West Berlin could not escape into the surrounding area in the formerly divided city, he has made himself comfortable in the city. Berlin is therefore also the city with the most parks and allotments, a paradise for those who want to make yourself comfortable in the city. On our bike tour through Schöneberg, Kreuzberg and Neukölln, we will show you the most beautiful green areas, parks and community gardens of Berlin.


Where everything began – The Princess Gardens were the first

The Princess Gardens at Moritzplatz in Kreuzberg are the pioneers of the Urban Gardening movement in Berlin and also one of the most popular community gardens on our bike tour .In 2009, the group “nomadish green” rented fallow ground at the corner of Moritzplatz to realize their vision of cultivating fresh and organic vegetables and herbs in the city. The aim was to share the knowledge of natural farming with the like-minded and to strengthen the community experience. A motto that also fits on our bike tours. Explore with friends the city, to move in a natural and healthy way, to discover insider places and have fun together.

A place for young and old from academics to hippie – everyone is welcome

The Urban Gardening Spaces Berlin are also a place for old and young, and is popular with all population strata. Here, children and young people can explore nature and try out the art of “planting and growing vegetables”. Meanwhile, Urban Gardening has developed into a global movement and serves the sustainable and CO2 neutral cultivation of vegetables and fruit in the city. A real alternative to monocultures and transportation of vegetables and fruits around the globe. The range of exciting events in the Princess Gardens is rich. A highlight is also the flea market on sunday, we hit on each of our Kreuzberg bike tours.

Allmende Kontor – Intercultural community garden on the Tempelhofer Field

A real highlight on our Urban Gardening bike tour through Kreuzberg and Neukölln, the two trendy districts in the so trendy Berlin. And no place in Berlin can be better explored by bicycle, like the Tempelhof Field. A must for all Berlin lovers who want to discover the real Berlin away from the classic tourist attractions. 8 years ago the Berliners won this unique place by a referendum against the conversion of the Tempelhofer field. Preserved in its original form, the field is used in many ways as a recreational area. The fully preserved runway is ideal for cycling, kite surfing and skateboarding. On the spacious grounds there are baseball field, a beer garden, barbecue areas, an extra outlet area for dogs, plenty of room to get his kite flying or just playing football.
And there is the unique Allmende Kontor community gardens with an exciting supporting program. On the weekend, Berlin musicians often meet for a spontaneous concert at the compost stage.

The green Berlin bike ride through the park to the hidden gardens of Berlin

Our Urban Gardening tour takes us next to the two large and well-known Urban Gardening places like Princesses Gardens and at the Tempelhof field through the popular Gleisdreieck Park, Hasenheide and the Görlitz Park and past lots of little, special gardens.

The “himmelbeet” in Wedding

As an interesting alternative is also a bike ride through the wild Berlin Wedding with its very nice community garden himmelbeet. From Berlin-Mitte we discover by bike the colorful multicultural life in Wedding one of the strong emerging Berlin districts with the best kebab shops in the city. Also known as “Little Istanbul”. After an extensive visit to the “himmelbeet”, our cycling tour takes us through the Rehberge towards the airport lake through Reinickendorf. This is a bike tour for Berlin visitors who have already seen everything, but also for Berliner who are never coming here.


Allmende Kontor – Tempelhofer Feld, Prinzessinnengärten, Rübezahl Gemeinschaftsgarten, Hasenheide, Kleingartenkolonie Potsdamer Güterbahnhof im Gleisdreieck Park, Mörchenpark, Krausnickpark, Mauergarten, himmelbeet, Kinderbauernhof im Görlitzer Park, Badeschiff.


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