Heinz mit UDX E-Bike vor roter Mauer

For E-Biker

From cool e-cruisers to cargo bikes

E-bikes are the trendy means of transport. Whether in the city, for a weekend tour or on holiday, you can rent your dream e-bike from us. From the cool e-cruiser for city tours, the comfortable low-rider, our sporty e-MTBs to the cargo bike with child seat.

A special highlight for city tours are our SUV e-bikes from Urbandrivestyle with comfortable wide tyres and extra seat extension for a passenger. This allows you to legally ride two on one e-bike. A unique experience for the whole family. With our E-MTBs or E-Trekking bikes you are also well equipped for long tours.

Tours for e-bikers

Our e-bike tours through the city with our e-cruisers are particularly popular. The perfect experience to have fun outdoors with friends and family and discover Berlin in a new way.

The perfect experience for those who want to get out and relax. Families with small children can go on tour with us on an e-bike from muli.