Heinz auf Uni Swing vor roter Mauer


For an urban biker

E-bikes are simply pure fun and are the trendy transportation in the city. You can ride it to work or run all your daily errands in a light and relaxed way. Give up your car and switch to an e-bike.
At the moment, we're focused on four interesting models from Kalkhoff and Urbandrivestyle. With the Berleen you have a stylish and lightweight e-bike with a range of 60 km, perfect for the city. The Sahel 3.1 is extremely handy and easy to transport in the car or on the train. Comfortable, it can be easily adjusted to different body sizes. The two models Uni Moke and Uni Swing from Urbandrivestyle are cool and extremely comfortable. The SUV's among the e-bikes. Perfect to take a 2nd person with you or to stow the shopping. For those who need even more space, we have a trailer from hinterher on offer. It fits perfectly with the two Urbandrivestylers and makes the Uni Moke and Uni Swing a real load donkey.