Group starts on an e-bike tour in front of Autohaus Hengge

Isar Cruising Grünwald

Come with us on a real fun tour with our E-BMX Cruisers along the Isar, through the Perlacher Forst up to the Ludwigshöhe. This tour is the perfect weekend experience for everyone who wants to discover the beautiful Munich countryside with an exceptional e-bike. The perfect family fun for all who want to be active in the fresh air and try something new. Our tour leads past the Kugler Alm through the Perlacher Forst in the direction of Grünwald. Past the famous Bavaria Filmstudios we go down to the Isar river. Here a few exciting trails are waiting for us, where we can really test our E-BMX bikes. Here you will learn how to ride the E-BMX bikes off-road. Next stop is the Grünwalder Burg, which invites you to a short visit. Passing famous villas, we will ride along forest and meadow paths to the famous Ludwigshöhe, from where we will enjoy the view over the Alpine foothills. Depending on how long you want to be on the road, it continues to Straßlach and Deininger Weiher or directly back to Oberhaching.

This e-bike tour is ideal for company outings or teambuilding events. You can reach the starting point in Oberhaching comfortably by S-Bahn in less than 30 minutes from the main station. Even visitors to Munich who want to take a bike trip to the beautiful Munich countryside will be thrilled.

75,00 € incl. E-Cruiser incl. Bike

Prices may change depending on bike type, extras, starting point, tour length, group type (school class discount), etc. Preview costs in the booking form.

18 km
3-6 h

Starting time for scheduled tours in the start calendar. Private tours start at individually agreed times.

Booking & Dates

This tour is bookable as a private tour at any time. The tour starts as described in Oberhaching at Kolpingring 2. At the start of the tour there is a delicious cappucino with croissant and also a beer garden stop or picnic on the way is always feasible. Just send us an email to arrange an individual start date for this tour. If you want to start from our location in Munich, you will walk along the Isar river to the Großhesseloher bridge and from there continue as described. This tour is a perfect day trip, which even untrained cyclists can do relaxed with our e-bikes.

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Tour Route

Selection of some sights: Kugler Alm, Bavaria Filmstudios, Groshesseloher Brücke, Isar-trails, Burg Grünwald.


Where do the tours start ?

Unless otherwise agreed, we start at our Container in the Werksviertel-Mitte near Ostbahnhof, Atelierstraße 4 in 81671 Munich

Can we start the tour somewhere else?

Yes, we can start the tour from your preferred location by arrangement. Often your hotel has its own rental bikes: then we will pick you up directly there.

When will the tour start?

We have fixed starting times for our daily tours, depending on the tour. You can find these in the tour calendar, or on the specific tour page. We can also arrange an individual start time by appointment.

Do I need my own bike?

No, you can also rent a bike from us.

How many people are in the groups on the public tours?

On our daily tours in the tour calendar, a maximum of 10 people join us. On average, there are usually 4 - 8 people.

There is no participant limit for individually or privately booked tours.

How exhausting are the tours ?

We ride at a comfortable and relaxed pace. Our tours are 9 - 25 km long and last 2 - 5 hours. There is something for everyone. You should already be a little fit. But there are enough stops and enough time for breaks.

How can I pay?

You can pay with all common methods: Bank transfer, credit card, Paypal, EC card or cash before the tour starts.

How can I book a tour ?

You can book the tour on any tour page, or in the tour calendar.
Or contact us directly.

What is the difference between private, individual or booked with a tour calendar?

With the Tour Calendar you book a fixed, public tour with other people. All information about the tour can be found on the tour page.

At private tours you book a fixed tour just for you - simply private.

At Individual tours you give us details, such as time and interests, and we will put together a tailor-made tour for you. Or contact us directly.

Do you also offer tours for school classes, travel groups, etc. ?

Yes, we do some tours that are especially suitable for school classes, e.g.: East-West Berlin
bike tour, the Wall Tour or East Berlin - capital of the GDR. Select "school class" when booking to receive a school discount.

Or you can give us some information at Individual tours such as time, places, interests, and we will put together a tailor-made tour for you. You can also contact us directly.

What happens in bad weather conditions ?

We generally ride in all weathers. Each participant is responsible for providing suitable clothing. Should it not be possible during the tour, we will stop the tour. Safety first. If the weather does not permit a start before the tour begins, we will endeavour to arrange an alternative date. In principle apply here our Terms & Conditions.

Who are our guides ?

Our guides are as colorful as the city. They are real Munich natives or have lived in the city for years, know it and love it. They share their knowledge and many tips about the city and its citizens with you. Also in several languages.

Do tours in the tour calendar always take place, or is there a minimum number of people?

Public tours take place with a minimum of 4 participants. If there are less, we will notify you and refund the price. You can also upgrade to a private tour, in which case the number of people is not limited.